Hello world!

Dear Friend,

You are being re-introduced to the all new sports publication of the Bahamas, The Sports Magazine. Yes, you knew of us before and you probably subscribed to us, but what we are now is all new.

But starting in May, an all new magazine will be published and with your paid subscription, we will mail you a full copy as well as allow you to view your copy on our secured website.

In the meantime, I am asking you to encourage your family and friends to “Be a sports and Support Sports”. As you know the Bahamas just staged the historic first Marathon ever in the Bahamas. And although it didn’t have the resemblance of the Boston Marathon or the New York Marathon, it gave you a sense that the future will be something to look forward to.

Sports in the Bahamas, like in the World is a huge industry now, and there are so many positive effects. Just like our publication, we will focus on the International Bahamian Athletes, but more importantly the children in school. We will market to the College Coaches Association. We will showcase all school activities and allow them access to records of High School Athletes in the Bahamas.

Yes the future looks bright, not only for Sports in the Bahamas, but for the many opportunities that sports will bring. And yes, the Sports Magazine of the Bahamas will be right there to showcase and display our Bahamian athletes to the world. We pride ourselves on being the only complete Sports publication in the Bahamas, but we are aware of the tremendous responsibilities that this brings. We are ready for any and all challenges.

As Editor, Pubisher and the original Founder of The Sports Magazine, I ask you for your support and continued prayers as we forge ahead in this competitive world. None-the-less we are excited because with the advent of this publication, we know that the Annual Sports Awards will resume, as well the Hall of Fame Induction and Yearbook, Specialized Clinics and many more specialty sporting events will be introduced.

Thank you for your time and please check us out, and continue to monitor our website for important updates.

As always,

Ty O’Lander
The Sports Magazine – Bahamas
P.O. Box N. 10042
Nassau, Bahamas


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