Media Day at The Ministry of Sports


The Hon.Dr.Daniel Johnson, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, will talk to the Media today at 12noon about topical interests at his Ministry, to include:
-Tributes-to the contribution of Sports by Hall of Fame Great, Tom “the Bird” Grant to the iconic, Sports Special Gift to the Bahamas, Thomas Augustus Robinson.
-Christmas Tree Lighting-the Tree Lighting tradition will extend throughout the Bahamas.

-12 Days of Junkanoo-for the very first time, the Junkanoo Celebration, will have an activity makeover,designed to sustain the excitement and economic benefits of this prized cultural asset as several entertaining features have been added.
-300Conx-This is a new, bold expression of the value of the Youth and the social bridge to the future; focus will be heightened on greatly expanding the membership in Youth Groups.
-Centers of Excellence-emphasis will be placed on identifying, training, developing, new and existing Youth Sports Talent; the intense preparation for Rio’16 has begun.
-Sports Hall of Fame, Class of 2012-Fourteen outstanding Sporting Greats, were Inducted.
-Facilities-National Stadium update.
-Baseball-plans are well forward for the erection of a National Baseball Stadium.
-The Goal-to regain a #1 Mindset and Sports Competitiveness, in every discipline.


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