The Sports Magazine is Launched!

The Sports Magazine, the Bahamas only complete sports publication made its debut this month with a very impressive publication.

It’s very nice, said Director of Sports, Tim Munnings in the Ministry of Sports. “I was very impressed with the quality and the presentation”.

The hard-working director was presented a copy of the first issue recently at the offices of the Ministry of Sports by two members of the organization that’s publishing the magazine.

In an effort to get the magazine in the hands of as many people during this launch month, several staff members were all over the island handing out copies of the magazine and staff at the Ministry of Sports.

The inaugural issue features international sports ambassador Mark Knowles who for years has been single-handedly carried the Bahamian flag all over the world playing professional tournaments.  Knowles decided to retire after 20 years as a world pro and amassing millions.

The Sports Magazine decided that their launch issue should feature none other than Mark, especially for the role that he played in bringing the awareness of tennis in the Bahamas, but more importantly for marketing our country around the world. This honor Mark truly deserves.

The full color publication that features a variety of sports is a first class glossy magazine and everyone who have received a copy so far, was amazed at the quality and variety of sports information in the magazine.

One of the executives, who recently made a presentation to the Director of Sports, said that the magazine has gone far above their expectations for the first issue, and can’t wait for the March issue to hit the streets.

“We have developed a first class publication and we were very pleased to see the response from the public on this first issue”, said Calvin Greene, who is in charge of Operations and Marketing. “We wanted all of our advertisers to get the exposure and to be credited with being associated with a first class production. We accomplished that and now people are talking”.

The magazine will be published monthly and will feature a variety of sports especially those that are being showcased that month. The next issue will be more on Carifta and Track and Field as the Bahamas hosts the Carifta in Nassau for the first time in years.

The publishers of the Magazine are intent on producing a better magazine each month and already they are hard-pressed to do better than the first one.

“We are challenging ourselves to make sure we produce something that’s impressive to everyone each month”, said Willie Mays Francis, who is associated with the magazine as a Sales and Distribution Director. “We know that Bahamians are use to the best, and with our magazine we intend to present them with one of the best magazines that they can find. Our story is just beginning and there are so many things that we are going to do. I encourage everyone to be a sport and support sports by supporting The Sports Magazine”.

The magazine is available everywhere free of charge, at least for the next three months, according to Mr. Greene. However, readers and lovers of sports can go to their website,www.sportsmagazinebahamas.comand read each month’s issue.

“The magazine will be distributed free of charge and available for reading on our website for at least another three months”, said Mr. Greene. “However we will eventually go to a secured website for those who subscribe and the magazine will be available on newsstands all over. In addition to the Family Islands and internationally, we are building a subscription base through a very attractive plan. College coaches, students, parents and friends of the Bahamas will have an opportunity to subscribe to the magazine on a yearly basis”.

For now, the executives said that they will continue to circulate this month’s issue free of charge right up until next month’s issue is released on March 1st.

For more information and inquiries just go to the website,

Sports Magazine Bahamas - March 2013 Issue

Sports Magazine Bahamas – March 2013 Issue


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